Content Marketing in India become an Industry In The Making

PQ Media says Global Content Marketing to top $50 billion by Year 2019

 Content Writing in India is an Industry In The Making

PQ Media says Global Content Marketing to top $50 billion by Year 2019


Mumbai, Nov 4, 2015 Global content marketing has the potential to top the $50 billion mark by 2019. This was reported by authoritative PQ Media analysts recently.

·         The value of global content marketing worldwide grew 13% in 2014 to $26.5 billion. It will accelerate at a 15% CAGR in the 2014-19 period to over $50 billion.

·         B2B content marketing is the larger of the two major end-user sectors (the other being B2C), generating $13.96 billion worldwide in 2014 and commanding a 52.7% share of the global market. The B2C content segment, meanwhile, grew a bit faster last year, expanding 14.3% compared with the B2B segment's 12.5% gain.

Specialist content agencies

Commenting on the report, Khamir Purohit, Founder-Director, LexiConn Content Services Pvt. Ltd., a pure-play content services provider with a core team of Subject Matter Experts, said, "the need of the hour is dedicated agencies who are specialists in content development".


"We’ve been an early-mover in this space. I cannot over-emphasize the significance of content marketing and how it is going to matter more and more in the years to come. Already, both B2B and B2C segments are showing robust growth worldwide and content-only agencies have to develop and achieve critical mass in a manner of speaking to fuel the growth’’.


The art of persuasion

Content writing must perforce be triggered by writers who are capable of making an emotional connect with specific audiences.


With the emergence of new channels the need is even greater for writers to make distinctive connections with highly segmented audiences addicted to multiple media, multi-cultural advertising, shorter attention-spans and multi-tasking.


The world at the fingertips: skills, variety and rewards

Honing one’s skills at an early age is very important. Domain expertise is crucial. A high level of awareness of the various nuances of the language and respect for the rules of grammar is also naturally important.


It’s a rare opportunity to further cultivate one’s passion for writing and research, especially exchanging views with team-members from diverse backgrounds. Also, significantly, it’s a launch pad to explore other opportunities in writing the world over.


All genres of writing are on the anvil in such an environment – business, creative, social, manuscripts, interviews, video scripts and even corporate anthems.


Remuneration for young graduates starting their careers in content writing can be in the range of INR. 2 to 3 lacs per annum. The more important incentive is gaining expertise in a particular field, reading and writing about the latest in the business, learning the nuances of content marketing and consulting clients for creative innovative content opportunities.

Adds Khamir Purohit, a management post-graduate and one-time banker before reverting to his first love, writing: "the more the variety of topics one is exposed to at an early age, the better. In time you will home in on your specific area of interest and become a "SME" or Subject Matter Expert – so fervently courted by the writing industry".


About LexiConn: Mumbai-based LexiConn Content Services Pvt Ltd, now in its seventh year of operations, is a SME (Subject Matter Expert)-focused, equal-opportunity employer. Among its clientele are ICICI Lombard, TCS, Croma Retail, HDFC Bank, HCL and Times Internet apart from having worked with more than 500 clients across 20 countries.


For more information please visit www.lexiconn.in for further queries please contact Arup Saikia, arup@lexiconn.in, +919768199808




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